Cost Match Promise

We offer the following lender cost match promise...

If you find another local Lender, Bank, Credit Union or Mortgage Broker that provides you with a legitimate estimate and the total lender costs are lower that ours, Granite Mortgage will match the total lender costs if the same product and rate are available from our investors.  The following criteria must be met for us to honor this price match.

  1. The loan program and rate must be identical.  If we do not offer the same product and rate combination then we obviously cannot match it.  We will do our best effort to match something similar if we do not offer an identical product and price combination.
  2. The price match only applies to the aggregate of the fees controlled by the lender or broker that are listed as "Borrower-Paid" in section "A. Origination Charges" on the Loan Estimate or Closing Disclosure such as (but not limited to) Discount Points, Origination Fees, Originator Compensation, Lender Fees, Broker Fees, Underwriting Fees, Processing Fees, etc. less any offsetting Lender or Broker Credits .  Fees not directly controlled by Granite Mortgage such as (but not limited to) Appraisal Fees, Inspection Fees, Credit Report Fees, Title Fees, Escrow Fees, etc. are not included in the price match promise.
  3. If the loan is not locked, the estimate from the other lender must be from the current day to be valid.
  4. If the loan is locked, the estimate from the other lender must be based on the same day and pricing of the day your loan was locked with us.  We cannot match another lender's current day's pricing if your loan is already locked.
  5. When we offer you a price match, you must accept and lock the loan or the price match becomes void.  It is up to you to determine if the market is right for you.
  6. There is no limit to the price match requests.  You may ask us to compare to as many other legitimate offers that you submit to us.
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