Fixed Rate VA Loans

Our 30 year VA fixed rate of 3.250% (3.402% APR)* is near a record low.

What is a VA Fixed Mortgage?

A VA fixed rate mortgage is designed for most military active duty and veterans.  VA Loans are ZERO DOWN loans available to our fine men and women who serve or have served in our country’s military.  These loans have easy qualifications and no monthly mortgage insurance.  VA loans are allowed for purchases, refinance and even cash out refinances.  They also have a "Streamline" program called the Internal Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL for short) that in most cases is a no cost way to lower your existing VA loan.

Is a VA Mortgage Right for you?

  • Are you on active duty or a military veteran?
    VA loans require ZERO DOWN!  The VA loan is the only real zero down loan and it is one of the best loans available.  Qualification is easy and there are virtually no limits.
  • How do I know I am eligible for a VA loan?
    You will need a VA "Certificate of Eligibility".  If you don't have yours yet, you may visit the VA Website and obtain one or we can gladly do it for you.  Please allow us to help you with this, we have done it many times and it will only take us 5 minutes.
  • Seller refusing to pay your closing costs?
    Many VA loans provide a LARGE credit to assist you with your closing costs and prepaid items such as taxes and the escrows.  This can alleviate the need for closing costs and with ZERO DOWN, you come to closing with little or no money down.  Often times, the veteran even gets his earnest money deposit back at closing!  Please note that most lenders keep this credit as extra profit.  This is not the case at Granite Mortgage, we give you all the credit for you to use towards all your costs.
  • Do You need more Cash-Out?
    Conventional loans limit the cash-out to 80% LTV and the price adjustments often make the loans expensive.  VA loans will go to 100% LTV cash-out in most cases.

Special Consideration for Disabled Veterans

  • VA Funding Fee is Waived.  Most disabled Veterans do not have to pay the "Funding Fee" associated with a VA Loan.  Your Certificate of Eligibility will indicate your status.  If your disability claim is dated prior to the loan closing but you have not yet begun receiving disability benefits, you will not get the Funding Fee waived.  If after you close your loan your disability benefits are approved, you may be eligible for a Funding Fee refund.
  • Specially Adapted Housing Grants Are Available.  A disabled veteran may be able to purchase a home with a VA loan, but if the home also needs accessibility modifications, the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant and the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant may be available to help.
  • There May Be Tax Exemptions and Credits.  Many municipalities offer reduced property taxes to disabled veterans, contact the VA for more information. You may also be eligible for a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC), contact your State's Tax Commission to find out if you qualify.
  • Disability Payments Can Help You Get a VA Loan.  If you are receiving Disability Payments, these payments can be counted as income and in some cases are allowed to be "grossed up" because they are usually tax exempt.  This can sometimes dramatically increase your borrowing power.

Why Trust Granite With Your Mortgage?

We have the experience, very competitive rates and NO added Lender Fees!  Don't be fooled by others that claim low fees, most of them are giving you a higher rate to make up the difference.  We are VA EXPERTS.  Click here to read more about Brokers versus Lenders and how rates, pricing and service differ.  Granite Mortgage, L.L.C. is a VA agent authorized to originate and process loans on the behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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* Rates and APR figures based on Loan Assumptions found on our Rates page

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